Who wins this fashion challenge between Ajagurajah and Osebo?


A fashion duel has been brewing between Ghanaian personalities Ajagurajah and Osebo, with both individuals showcasing their unique fashion sense and style.

Ajagurajah, a popular pastor known for his flamboyant fashion style, challenged Osebo to a fashion duel, stating that “fashion is a calculation” and daring him to enter the challenge.

In response, Osebo accepted the challenge, noting that “combination is a calculation” and promising to wear all 640 pairs of shoes he owns while wearing a red dress that he paid for with a pair of red above-the-knee pants and an ankle boot accessorized with silver chains.

Ajagurajah responded by wearing a red and black cassock outfit, complete with horns, while seated on a matching red and black couch.

He also stated, “This beef is not ending anytime soon.”

Although the winner of the challenge has yet to be determined, both Ajagurajah and Osebo have displayed their confidence and self-expression through their personal style.

The challenge has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many people sharing their thoughts on who they think will come out on top.

Check out their various posts below:


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