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Volta Police command meets over Adaklu unrest

Volta Police command meets over Adaklu unrest

There was news on December 2, 2020, of some youths, believed to members of the opposition National Democratic Congress prevented officials of the Electoral Commission from transferring the ballots of the special voting for safekeeping ahead of the general counting.

On December 3, 2020, officials of the Electoral Commission together with the Adaklu Police Commander, the Volta regional police Commander as well as some political parties met over the planned relocation of special voting ballots which were kept at the Adaklu Waya police station.

According to sources, there was chaos as the NDC youth refused the transfer of the ballot papers from the Adaklu Waya Police Station, however, it is alleged that the Volta Regional NDC supported the action of the youth.

The reason for the transfer of the ballots from the Adaklu Waya Police station was explained to have been inadequate police force to protect the ballots in case there should be an attack on the station to carry the ballots away.

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Speaking to Citi News which was monitored by, the Adaklu Constituency Secretary of the NDC, Charles Agbesi, said the supporters were still awaiting the outcome of the meeting on the relocation of the ballots.

According to Mre. Agbesi, the NDC also wanted to place its own safeguards on the ballots for maximum protection.

He said;

“We indicated to the police and EC that we are requesting to affix our seal and a lock on the gates of the police armoury which they said they are considering and will get back to us.”

“We are at the police station waiting for the other parties to come so that is where we are now. We are still here [at the police station] ensuring that nothing is done behind us,”


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