Serious accident and strange incidents normally happens in the era of the NPP government

Serious accident and strange incidents normally happens in the era of the NPP government

One profession the nation adores most is to be a politician. It seems nowadays politicians are likely becoming gods. Let a teacher speak a bad thing and a politician speak more worse than that, just wait and see how mercilessly the teacher would be dealt with.

Politics is taking over the country. Wherever there is politics, my brothers and sisters, there is misunderstanding and corruption. Wherever these two things exist, forget about development. These politicians are joking when they say they have developed the country. They are really funny.

At many times during the reign of the NPP government, vanishing and accident normally happens. When Nana Addo first came into power, this kind of vanishing evolved strongly in the country. As if we are going to see those behind it, but as at now it seems all those incidences have been forgotten.

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During the time of president Kuffour, those vanishing incidences were not rare. No one knows what at all these politicians do. Is it that they are behind it or what? Only God knows.

For the past one week in Ghana, almost a single day brings new accident with new deaths. Has this happened in the time of any other government before? It only in the time of the NPP. So what at all has the NPP got to do with this? Are they hiding something from Ghanaians?

Everything has an end and so we know all these things shall end.

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