My first two kids are for my ex-boyfriend – Married woman cries as she confesses


A married woman has confessed during a prank call of having 2 kids with her ex-boyfriend on the blind side of her husband.

It all started as a prank when the host called the lady on the phone to inform her that he was calling from a hospital where her husband had come to run a DNA test on their children.

He continued that the samples have been taken and they are now going to process them so he was calling to find out from her if there was anything she was hiding since this was the right time to share.

But the married woman got furious and told the host not to call her number again because she knew her husband very well and she also want to make it clear to him that her lovely kids are all for her husband.

She proceeded to end the call with the host who didn’t give in and called her back to explain things to her better.

After convincing her to believe truly her husband was there to conduct the DNA, she confessed to him that two of their three children are not the biological children of her husband.

According to her, they belong to her ex-boyfriend and it was a mistake it happened that way.

The host was shocked but failed to tell her it was a prank he was playing on her but the married woman offered to pay any amount of money just to change the results of the test to prove her husband is the father of their kids.



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