‘My boyfriend used to go down on me when I am menstruating’ – Actress


Nigerian actress, Monalisa Stephen, has revealed that her partner used to go down on her while she was menstruating.

She made this known in an interview with media personality, Nedu Wazobia on his lifestyle podcast.

“My boyfriend used to go down on me on my period. First time he did it, I didn’t know what he was trying to prove. And then he did it again. I didn’t allow him the first time,” she stated.

Monalisa said although she wasn’t in agreement with such a practice initially, she later googled about it and found out that it is harmless.

“I googled and found out that period blood does not do any harm to people,” she opined.

Her comments have since triggered massive reactions from netizens who find it hard to fathom.

Others think that she is probably faking such statements just to be in the trends.

“The way she’s trying to convince us that that’s not some ritualistic vampirism Rubbish is seriously giving me a migraine. Tell us who that boyfriend is so we Never go close to him.
I don’t even want you to speak near me with that mouth. Eeewww,” An Instagram user wrote.

Watch the post below:

Source: mynigeria.com


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