Major flooded areas to look out for after Wednesday morning rains


The rains have come to stay, at least for the greater part of May and June and floods have not been absent since they began.

In the capital of Accra, it has become characteristic that many areas get flooded after hours, sometimes minutes of heavy rainfall.

Wednesday morning was not any different. After a cloudy morning with dark clouds taking over, the rains descended and with it came the floods.

Social media as usual has been flooded with various videos taken by citizens to portray the situation in their neighbourhoods and residences.

Whilst some buildings are half submerged, some major roads have been taken over and shops and markets have not been spared.

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Some hospitals have even been reportedly flooded after the heavy rains.

GhanaWeb gathered a few of these videos from around, to give citizens an idea of the situation and to help commuters keep safe amidst the floods:













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