Let gold-for-oil reflect at the pumps – GPRTU to government


A Deputy Communications Officer of Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU), Samuel Kofi Amoah, has called on the government to ensure the much-touted gold-for-oil deal reflects at the pumps.

According to the communications officer, there is a need for the deal to reflect at the pumps to cushion Ghanaians in the wake of the hardship being experienced in the country.

He urged the government to come clear on the deal for it to fully profit Ghanaians.

He commended the government for the deal.

Mr Amoah spoke in an interview on Accra 100.5 FM Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

He further called on the government to set up a committee to manage the gold-for-oil deal.

He said the union is not able to reduce transport fares because other components in the fare management have not seen a reduction.

He argued that transport fares can only be reduced if a litre of fuel sells at GHS10.

Mr Amoah added that the price of components such as engine oil and spare parts has not seen any reduction.


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