Female teacher begins a romantic affair with boy she taught in primary school


Love they say is the trust of all words – A female teacher has taken to social media to reveal that she is in a relationship with her former pupil.

According to the female teacher, she has deeply fallen in love with her former pupil and nothing can separate them, not even their family.

In a short Tiktok video, she stunned many after she revealed that she was his primary school teacher years ago.

The trending woman who can be identified on Tiktok with the handle name @_blackbird_01, shared throwback photos of them, captioning it, “From primary school teacher to lovers.”

Underneath the post, she wrote: “I groomed him and watch him grow.”

Many people doubted her story, while others knocked her, but the woman was unmoved.

She responded to one of the netizens saying: “People be out here hating like it’s a new thing. I am happy I did and yes no regrets.”



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