Aisha Huang’s Circuit Court trial adjourned to October 27


The Accra Circuit Court 9 has once again remanded alleged illegal mining kingpin, Aisha Huang, and three other persons facing trial with her into custody.

During court proceedings on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, Inspector Isaac Babaye, who stood in for the prosecution officer, asked the court for a time.

According to the prosecution, the state has constituted a panel of experts to look into the matter, while an advice from the Attorney General’s Office is awaited.

Following the prosecution’s request for time, lawyers for the accused persons prayed to the court for their clients to be granted bail.

According to the defence lawyers, their clients do not pose a flight risk and will not interfere in the state’s investigations if granted bail.

In the case of the second accused person, Franklin Kumatoh argued that his client was only a victim of circumstance.

According to him, she only paid a visit to the house of Aisha Huang and was arrested together with the others during a swoop by state security officials.

The lawyer noted that his client is gainfully employed in Ghana and is ready to meet conditions for bail if the court were to grant her bail.

Mr. Kumatoh added, “Since the prosecution does not know the time to conclude the investigation and is now seeking expert advice, we believe it will be fair in the interest of justice if the second accused person is admitted to bail.”

The prosecution, in their opposition to the application for bail, noted that it had demonstrated in previous sittings of the court that the accused persons are a flight risk.

“What we have now is that most of the accused persons have multiple passports with different names on them. Therefore, if they are granted bail, they will not appear to stand trial and defeat the purpose of bail,” Inspector Babaye told the court.

The defence counsel, however, rebutted the claim, noting that the claim by the prosecution is embellished with speculation to prejudice the mind of the court.

The court, presided by Bright Acquah, after listening to both arguments, maintained its previous decision to deny the accused persons bail.

Aisha Huang, aka Huang Ruixia, and the three other accused persons: John Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Hai Hun, are being held for engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals without a valid license.

Aisha, 47, is facing an additional charge of engaging in mining without a licence.

All the accused persons have denied the charges pressed against them.




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